A downloadable text/torture device for Windows, macOS, and Linux

userMendacious is a game I made before I knew how to make games. Since I could not use windows or graphics, I made a text adventure. Since I didn't know what would and wouldn't work when compiled into a JAR, I made a game that didn't work when compiled into a JAR. Since I wanted to make this text adventure even the slightest bit interesting, I made it an absolute abomination. 

I still like this game to some degree, hence why I made a new graphical version for all to despise. This is also the origin of "!=" as I use it.

You may need to download the latest version of Java in order to play this game.

Install instructions

Download and install the latest version of Java if you haven't already. Then unzip the game file. To run the game, double-click the JAR file.


userMendacious.zip 389 kB

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