A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Art / Character Design by Brianna Reagan

Original Soundtrack by Emerson Eads

with Jack Helmericks

Everything else by Gage

SKEETER is the story of Mary Jo Billingsbuy, and features highly accessible, minimal gameplay; anyone could get through it, it's just arrows and Z. If all goes right it should win them over. I find it pretty convincing, and the dev time and research helped, so this presentation's more or less in the bag.


SKEETER.zip 136 MB


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You think you could build the game or something so you won't need java to run it?

I could, but it would take a good while to recreate everything in C++ when I'm already working on another project on top of a number of other things. Is the Java download from the Oracle website not working correctly for you? I remember a friend had trouble installing it once. You might need to restart your computer after install, too.

Anyway, thanks for having interest in my game!