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Neil Cicierega, alias Lemon Demon, has died, his screams summoning his distant kin from the far-off Planet Lemonade.

[12:35 PM]

Using the latest in lemon technology, they have created the Lemon Portal.

[12:36 PM]

To avenge their fallen comrade.

You know how salad fingers likes rusty spoons? The funny little man likes lemons.

Slightly different flavors,

[12:39 PM]

Different sizes,

[12:39 PM]

Different shapes.

[12:40 PM]

His prized collection is actually a lime he plucked off a tree one time and he thinks it's a lemon but nobody's had the heart or courage to tell him otherwise.

Now, with the advent of the Lemon Portal, he's having a grand ol time

-Lemon Portal lore by Aspherical#6890


Lemon Portal.zip 38 MB
Lemon Portal v2.zip 33 MB
Lemon Portal v3.zip 33 MB

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