A downloadable game for Windows

EarthGround is an indie RPG inspired by EarthBound! It is my very first video game, and I hope everyone on the RPGMaker forums will like it!!!

If the game doesn't run at first, you'll likely need to install one of the Visual C++ Redistributable files included with it.

CONTENT WARNING: Game includes bright flashing lights and sudden loud noises.  If you have epilepsy, photosensitivity, misophonia, a job/interest relating to sound in any capacity, or are easily annoyed/discomforted, DO NOT DOWNLOAD OR PLAY IT. It is advised that members of the general public do not play this game, as it is capable of harming most people on a physical level. It is medically recommended to take a 30-minute break for every hour of playing the game and perform an exorcism for every dungeon cleared lest the game burst forth from your computer and set fire to your great-grandmama's tombstone.

The game was not fully tested. Please tell me if you find any bugs in this demo!


EarthGround.zip 47 MB


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I managed to get into a battle and then died

You appear to have sampled the prime EarthGround experience. I declare you an official EarthGround resident who lives somewhere offscreen probably.


I am one of the NPCs now


I'm playing this and will have a review by next week, this sounds exactly like my cup of tea

Thank you very much, your patronage is appreciated and I anticipate your critique